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Back To School-Green Cleaning is a Must in Illinois Schools

In Champaign, a law has been passed requiring that schools use the most sensitive to human beings and the environment of a cleaning option, possible. Read the full article here.

In Minnesota, Healthy Legacy is one organization committed to ridding our schools and homes from harmful environmental toxins. They have great information and will come out and speak to PTA’s and any other groups for FREE.

Grist is an organization with the latest enviro news and this Back to School article is helpful for avoiding buying Back to School products that contain enviromental toxins, excess packaging and alternatives are suggested.

Also, Next Step, The Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network lists criteria for Minnesota healthy school program.

One of the criteria for a green school is that is offers local, organic foods to the lunch program menu. The Farm to School program is one way to incorporate that element into a school lunch.


The Illinois Green Cleaning Schools Act:

— Requires qualified “green” products in six categories: bathroom cleaners; carpet cleaners; general purpose and hard floor surface cleaners; glass, window and mirror cleaners; hand cleaners and hand soaps; and paper products.

— Criteria for preferred products: minimal presence of harmful chemicals, biodegradable, low toxicity, low flammability, bio-based, designed for use in cold water.

— For more information, see or ing.htm.

— Those wanting to buy green household products can look for certifications such as Green Seal or EcoLogo, indicating the products meet certain guidelines. Some products bearing those certifications are available at retail, but many are available for industries or businesses only.

Source: Guidelines for the Illinois Green Cleaning Schools Act, Illinois lieutenant governor’s office.


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