Green School Initiative Pilot Project has taken off with No Waste Lunches-How Low Can You Go?

The green school initiative pilot project which has been funded generously by a Solid Waste Management Community Power grant is introducing the first initiative in the next few weeks.

Last January the PTA, Green Team and volunteer students and parents implemented organics recycling to the lunch room. That act alone reduced the waste in Highlands cafeteria from 5 bags to 1 per day. We as a community would like to support that effort by taking it a step further by packing no waste lunches in the first place. These waste reduction practices reduce cost to operations dramatically.


Here is how to pack a no waste lunch. This is a small change we all can make for large benefits to our earth. By eliminating the green waste that goes to landfills we bring down green house emissions. By packing a no waste lunch we teach our children to be better stewards of the food we pack them and more personal responsibility for their belongings. Encourage your child to pack their own no waste lunch the night before school.

“Friends don’t let friends, drink from plastic.”


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